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Junior League





School will soon be out, so it must be time to play some golfi This year, JUNIOR GOLF will begin with clinic days June 8th through 10th. Again in 2020 there will be a FREE Parent/Guardian range day with PGA Professional Fred Friedman and staff whlle the kids are on the course for Golf Course Orientation Day, June 12th Here’s a further description of our program in 2020. Thank you to all the kids and influential adults in their lives, as well as the many parent, grandparent and others that volunteer in making this junior program what it is each year.

Program Description

This Junior Golf Program is from ages 6-17. If your child does not fit into that category, please contact Fred Friedman or Jim Anderson at 715-635-3580 to set up a short (free) evaluation to see if your child fits into a given category. Factors that determine the best group for your child are ability, maturity, age, and previous years scores. The children are required to carry (pull) their own golf bags during play days.

Where: Spooner Golf Club

When: June 8"-August 2“d, 2020

Price: $65 for non-member child
$55 fof SGC member child


Every MONDAY, prior to the Wednesday play days, you must call 715- 635-3580 to sign your child up for the play day. This is HIGHLY IMPORTANT, to determine how many scorers/walkers are needed for each play day.
Volunteers to walk and score for the children are always welcome. We encourage everyone to get out to the beautiful golf course to do this. If you or a family member can help volunteer on a Wednesday Play Day please sign them up under “Volunteers Needed” tab of the registration form.
Thank you, SGC Staff


Spooner Golf Club – Junior Golf Registration Form

Name: _________________________ Phone: __________________ Age: _________  

Address: _______________________________       E-mail Address ___________________________

Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Names: __________________________________________________  

Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Phone Number: __________________________________________________

Please Circle Play Date(s) when an adult(s) are available to walk and score with the juniors


Play dates:          June 17                June 24                July 8       July 15       July 29         




Name of Parent/Guardian/Volunteer: ____________________________

Name of Parent/Guardian/Volunteer: ____________________________



* NOTE: If numbers in any CLINIC group become too large, we may create another clinic day or time or ask some children to come to a different clinic to even out class sizes.

Registration fee: $65.00 or $55.00 Payable to SGC Junior Golf

All forms must be in on or before June 7th, (Sessions fill up fast!!!)

Shop Use Only: Cash_____ Check #________ Staff Initial______ Date_________


2020 Spooner Junior Golf 3 

2020 Spooner Junior Golf 4

Closed for the season